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Dragon games
  • What are the items on the Games page?
    The Games page actually is a page showing different views on all the games on the Dragon Go Server:
    • All running games
    • All finished games
    • My running games or that of another user: To see these games start on the corresponding user-info page -> Follow the link "Running games" from the right info-box
    • My finished games of that of another user: To see these games start on the corresponding user-info page -> Follow the link "Finished games" from the right info-box
    • Show Games I'm observing.
    • Show All observed games.

    The configuration of table columns for the different views can be very different: the "all" and "user-specific finished games" use the same set of added and hidden columns. If you add a column that is shared by both views, the column is added in both (same is true for removing a shared column). The same applies for the "all" and "user-specific running games".
    Here's a brief explanation of all used table columns shared or differently used for all the six views described above. Pick out the ones, you are interested in (they are not strictly ordered but grouped a bit to avoid redundancy):
    • ID: The game id.
    • (img) (game information): Linked to game-info page. If the game is a shape-game an extra-icon ((img)) is shown. With JavaScript enabled, hovering over the icons shows a thumbnail of the current game (or initial shape) with black and white moves and prisoners.
    • (img) (hidden game comments): The presence of this icon shows, that there are hidden comments for a finished game.
    • (img) (attached SGF): the presence of this icon signals, that there are attached SGFs stored for the game
    • sgf: A link to download the game (without all comments).
    • #Observers: Number of observers for observed games.
    • #Mine: Number of my games, that are observed.
    • Notes: The starting part of your private notes optionally stored for a game.
    • Black name, White name, Opponent: The full name of a player.
    • Black userid, White userid, Userid: The login-ID (nickname) of a player.
    • Black start rating, White start rating, Start rating: The rating of a player before the game has started.
    • Black end rating, White end rating, End rating: The new calculated rating of a player after a game has finished.
    • Black rating, White rating, Rating: The current rating of a player.
    • Black rating diff, White rating diff, Rating Diff: The rating difference applied on a player for a finished game.
    • Colors: Showing a two-colored stone icon for the running games of myself or another user.
    • Color: Showing a single-colored stone indicating the players color in the game, for which the game is shown (myself or another user).
    • GameType: The game-type.
    • Size: The size of the goban for the game.
    • Handicap: The number of handicap stones for the game.
    • Komi: The komi for the game.
    • Moves: The number of moves made so far in the game.
    • Score: The result of the game (won or lost by white or black or jigo). Valid formats for score are:
      • B+R or W+R : Black or White won by Resignation,
      • B+T or W+T : Black or White won by timeout,
      • B+<num> or W+<num> : Black or White won by points <num>-value, e.g. B+0.5, W+17 or
      • Jigo

    • Win?: Shows an icon for a players win-status (myself or for another user):
      • (img) (a green tickmark): won game
      • (img) (a red X-cross): lost game
      • (img) (a blue dash): jigo

    • Rated: Indicating, if the game is rated or unrated.
    • Last Move: Date of the last move in the game.
    • End date: Date of the last move in a finished game.
    • Opponents Last Access: Date of opponents last access in running games for myself or another user.
    • Weekend Clock: Showing the chosen Weekend clock option for the game.
    • Prio: show optional game priority a user can set for own running games.
    • My time remaining, Opponent time remaining: Time remaining for myself or opponent of my running games.
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