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Dragon games
  • What are all those items on the page showing a single game?
    The game page showing a single game of yourself is divided into three big sections. The parts may differ a bit, if your viewing a game as observer or player that made the last move:
    • The goban with the moves made so far in the game. If it's your turn you can play a move and submit it.
    • Private game notes to store additional information about the ongoing or finished game. Those notes can only be seen by you and nobody else. The notes can be shown to the right or below the goban and configured differently for smaller and larger board sizes.
      The notes can be hidden with "Hide notes" and made visible with "Show notes". Use the "Save notes" button to store them in the database or your changes are lost.
    • Below these items, there is selectbox to navigate to other moves in the game. Select a move, then press the "View move" button.
      When you have JavaScript enabled, simply selecting the move triggers the viewing of the move (no need to click the button nearby).
    • A separate comment link shows all the game messages in a separate window together with the corresponding move number, a colored stone indicating who made the comment and the comment itself. Hidden comments can only be seen by yourself. The same rules as for downloading a SGF with comments apply here.

    The next section contains a game info box with some game-related information and the competing players:
    • The first line shows a black stone with the black players full name, userid and current rating. To the right, the number of the imprisoned stones is shown.
      On a second line, the "Time remaining" is shown for the black player (the same format is used on the status page game list). The byo-yomi is only shown, when the main-time is up.
    • Below that, the same information is given for the white player.
    • The box is finalized below with information about the komi, number of handicap stones and if the game is rated or unrated. The last line provides the full time limit of the game. The format is the same as the "Time limit" in the waiting room game offer list.
    • An additional optional section is appended to show added time, that was granted by your opponent or that you granted your opponent.

    The last section describe the page bottom links. They differ over the lifetime of a game and are also dependent on who views the game page (the player to move next, the player who moved last or an observer).
    An observing user can only:
    • "Download the SGF" of the game
    • Add the game to his or her observe list

    The player who moved last in the game can only:
    • "Download the SGF" or "Download the SGF with all comments" of the game

    The player who is next to move can do more actions of course:
    • Skip to next game: Loads the next game in which the player has to move
    • Pass: Pass a move. This normally is the first step in scoring a game. Do this when you think the game is over and should be scored now. After passing you have to confirm the action (with an optional message).
    • Resign: Resign the game. This must be confirmed (with an optional message).
    • "Download the SGF" or "Download the SGF with all comments" of the game

    Both players can do at any time:
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