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Dragon games
  • What are Observed games?
    This feature allows you to set up a bookmark list of running games. You can observe other players' and your own games.
    If a game is observed, a link "Show observers" shows up at the bottom on the game-page.
    To add a game to your observed game list, first find a game in progress and click on the "Add to observe list" link.
    To remove a game from your observed game list, look at the game you want to remove and click the "Remove from observe list" link.
    To see your observed game list, click on Status or Games and follow the page bottom link "Games I'm observing".
    A list of all observed games with the number of observers per game is available on the Games page when you follow the page bottom link "All observed games".
    You can only observe running games. When a game ends it is removed automatically from the observed games lists. When an observed game is finished Dragon sends you a message to notify you about the final score.
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