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Dragon menus and options
  • How to use a template?
    After you saved the form data, you can use the template in the following ways:
    • For each template, the "Actions" column shows the template actions (see below) you can perform for the template.
    • With "New Game"-templates you can also open new invitations or vice versa, though not in all cases. For example, multi-player-game templates can not be used for invitations.
    • When you have a new invitation or private message with already entered recipient and you previewed it, the message page shows a bottom-link "Templates with user-id [...]". Following this link, you can choose a template for invitation or private message and the original recipient is included in the form-data. Like this you don't have to copy the user-id for later filling-in after choosing a template.

    The templates page lists all your saved templates. The table listing shows four columns:
    • Actions: linked icons with template actions:
      (img) : opens a new invitation with the saved template-data
      (img) : opens a new game-offer for waiting-room with the saved template-data
      (img) : opens the page to send a new private message with the saved template-data
      (img) : delete template asking for confirmation first
    • Type: template type: "Message", "Invite", "New Game"
    • Name: template name
    • Last changed: date of last change
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