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Dragon menus and options
  • What are Search Profiles?
    Below most of the table listings with filters on Dragon there's a "Search" button and a select-box to the left with actions to modify the used filter values for a search.
    There are actions to use the current filter values, clear or reset the values. The other actions in the select-box allows to save or load the filter values of the current search.
    Here's a brief explanation of the actions in the select-box:
    • Current values: The default-selection for a search, which is using all new filter-values, that a users enters. So the "current values" (from the filters) are used for a search.
    • Clear values: This is a search with all filters cleared (emptied). Also the default-values are cleared (e.g. the "Last move"-day restriction to avoid too heavy queries for the show-games-page). This does not change a saved profile, it's only changing the next search.
    • Reset values: This is a search with all filter-values reseted to their defaults (as it's provided in the site-code). This does not change a saved profile, it's only changing the next search.
    • Save as default: This selection saves the current used filter-values as the default-search. For example you can set the maximum rows in the waiting-room to 100 rows, select the action "Save as default" and press "Search". This will save this particular query as the default. So the next time you open the Waiting-room that default-search is used instead.
    • Save profile: This also saves the filter-values as search-profile, but the difference is, that it's not used implicitly when the page is opened anew (still the site-code default is used). Instead, it needs to be explicitly loaded with the "Load profile" action, that appears when a search is saved (either as non-default or default profile).
    • Load profile: Load saved filter-values from search-profile (default or non-default). There's only ONE search profile. The difference of usage is just, if it's used as default or not.
    • Delete profile: The saved search-profile will be deleted, which means on next page opening, the side-coded default search is used again.

    Besides the filter-values, also the max. rows, sort columns and sort order is saved in the search profile.
    Not all table listings support search profiles, and not all table listings support all actions.
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