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Dragon menus and options
  • What are Bookmarks?
    Bookmarks on Dragon are used as shortcuts to certain pages and with interesting links, that otherwise would need several clicks to reach or would bloat other pages with too much text links.
    You can find the bookmarks in the select-box in the top Dragon bar on each page. If you have JavaScript enabled, selecting a bookmark will automatically take you to the page (without clicking on the "Show"-button).
    Comments about some of the available bookmarks:
    • My running MP-games : Your running multi-player-games
    • Latest forum posts : the latest forum posts from 4 weeks are shown using the forum search.
    • Opponents online : your opponents in running games being "online" within the last 10 minutes are shown using the opponents page
    • Users online : all users being "online" within the last 5 minutes are shown using the users page
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