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Dragon menus and options
  • How can I change the order of table listings?
    This concerns all the following lists:

    The order of the forum entries can be changed with a separate "Order" element placed in the forum search form.
    To change the order of a table listing, click on the table headers that are underlined. For these a sorting is defined and can be changed.
    Clicking another time on the same table header link switches the sort direction (between ascending and descending).
    Clicking on an other table column header makes the current (clicked) column the main-sort and the previous sort column the secondary sort. There are only two levels: a 1st (main-)sort that is marked with a dark blue arrow ((img) or (img)) and a 2nd (sub-)sort marked with a light blue arrow ((img) or (img)) used when the row values of the main-sort are identical.
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