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Dragon menus and options
  • Are there any key shortcuts defined on Dragon?
    Yes, on some of the links and buttons on Dragon there are key shortcuts defined. When you place the mouse cursor over a link without moving it for a short time, a preset "accesskey" is shown in a hovering text, e.g. [&s] over the "Status" link in the main menu.
    How the shortcut is activated depends on your operating system. On many systems, you use the the Alt-key in combination with the "accesskey", e.g. Alt-s to access the Status page link. On Mac OS you would use Control-s instead.
    Key shortcuts defined as access keys are (the underline character is used as mnemonic to help in memorizing it):
    •  s : main menu Status
    •  r : main menu waiting Room
    •  p : main menu user info (Player)
    •  b : main menu messages (mail Box)
    •  m : main menu send a Message
    •  i : main menu Invite
    •  n : main menu New Game
    •  u : main menu Users
    •  c : main menu Contacts
    •  g : main menu Games
    •  h : main menu faq / Help
    •  d : main menu Docs
    •  f : main menu Forums
    •  v : main menu features (Voting)
    •  o : logOut
    •  l : bottom bar transLate (for translators only)
    •  1-9 : walk through the links at the bottom of the page (from left to right and from top to bottom)
    •  x : eXecute (if there is a submit button on a page)
    •  w : previeW (if there is a preview button on a page)
    •  e : filter-sEarch (if there is search button on a page)
    •  z : filter-reset (if there is reset button on a page)
    •  > : next page (if a list has multiple pages)
    •  < : previous page (if a list has multiple pages)
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