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What's new in the last update?
  • Overview of release DGS 1.0.15 (08-June-2012)
    It's recommended to get an detailed overview of the new and changed features first by reading the document Release Notes 1.0.15. You'll find that page also in the Docs menu (now available from the main-menu). There are various hints in there that are not repeated here.
    For some major changes and recommendations you will find additional information and links in the FAQ-entries in the current FAQ-category ("What's new in the last update?").
    However, if you are experiencing a strange behaviour of DGS it might be a bug. Then don't hesitate to report the bug in the forum as other users might have the same problem and wonder about it.
    The topic "Known bugs" in this FAQ-category lists known bugs of this release that have been freshly identified and not yet been fixed and uploaded to the server.
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