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Dragon bugs and problems
  • Duplicated messages and Duplicated posts
    The Duplicated moves bug is fixed.
    The related "Duplicated messages" and "Duplicated posts" problems are still on our desktop:
    All these problems are mainly based on the fact that the user had clicked two (or more) times on a submit button. For instance, if the net suddenly slows down when you click on the Post button you will not receive an immediate response. This may let you think that you have not or have badly clicked the Post button. Then when you hit it a second time, you have sent your post a second time!
    A hint: In such a case, try first to open an other window to keep your message or post as it is. Then have a look at your "sent message" box or at the forum list. Watch the time the pages need to show up. Whatever the speed of the net is when you'll receive those pages, will reflect the fact that you have (or not) sent your message or post.
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