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Dragon bugs and problems
  • How to report a problem or a bug?
    • Check the FAQ and the forums for information on your problem. It can be a good idea to search the forums rather than browse them. There are many postings and sometimes they go in the wrong forum.
    • Put a message detailing your problem in the Support forum, or
    • Send a private message detailing your problem to one of the active developers. A report in the forums is preferred though as then also others might be able to help you with your problem.
  • Are all bugs discussed in the FAQ?
    No. And they never will be. The bugs, errors and problems described here are recurring or static faults that are well known, as well as having been discussed in depth or several times in the forums. Bugs will be fixed (to give room to other bugs?) but in the meantime some of them will be discussed here.
  • Duplicated messages and Duplicated posts
    The Duplicated moves bug is fixed.
    The related "Duplicated messages" and "Duplicated posts" problems are still on our desktop:
    All these problems are mainly based on the fact that the user had clicked two (or more) times on a submit button. For instance, if the net suddenly slows down when you click on the Post button you will not receive an immediate response. This may let you think that you have not or have badly clicked the Post button. Then when you hit it a second time, you have sent your post a second time!
    A hint: In such a case, try first to open an other window to keep your message or post as it is. Then have a look at your "sent message" box or at the forum list. Watch the time the pages need to show up. Whatever the speed of the net is when you'll receive those pages, will reflect the fact that you have (or not) sent your message or post.
  • Connection to database failed. Too many connections
    This error can arise when there are too many users viewing pages of the DGS-site at the same time. The site appears to respond very slowly. The database can only work with a limited number of parallel connections (=max_user_connections).
    When a user requests a DGS-page, data from the database is needed. For each request a separate database-connection is used. When one database-query needed for a page lasts longer than normal (>1 sec for example), it can quickly happen that requests from other users have to wait because the number of connections exceeds the limit. In this cases it's good to wait a few minutes to avoid making it worse, then try it again later.
    At the moment max_user_connections is set to allow 280 concurrent connections (after migrating to the new server in Oct-2012 the limit has been increased from 124 to 280).
    But to this situation not only page requests from ordinary users are relevant, but any query performed on the database. That means, also administrative tasks like the database backup strongly influences this.
    Since Oct-2012 the database of DGS is only locked for 5 minutes during backup time because of a very large database-table. The daily backup is running each day at 02:15 GMT, but the problem can also happen at other times when too many users ask pages that create long lasting queries.
    The full error text for this kind of error is either:
    Connection to database failed. Please wait a few minutes and test again.
    Mysql error: User ... already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections
    Connection to database failed. Please wait a few minutes and test again.
    MySQL error: Too many connections

    More detailed information you'll find in:
  • I'm swarmed! There are bugs everywhere!
    You have been sitting at the computer playing go on DGS for too long. Take a shower and put on clean clothes. :-)
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