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Dragon etiquette
  • Can I use aids while playing a game?
    The Dragon-team would ask you to take the following to heart while playing a game:
    • You CAN use all kind of aids by doing research of your own.
      For example studying books, looking up joseki dictionaries, game databases, and analyzing your game in an SGF editor.
    • In light of fair play you SHOULD NOT ask another person or go-playing program to help you find your moves or strategy in the game.

    The above does not apply for games with a different agreement between the players. In teaching games it can make sense to ask for views from others. Tournament directors may have specific rule sets for their tournaments.
    We would consider it polite to clarify any different rules with your opponents before you start your games.
    Unless different rules are agreed, it will be assumed that players are operating as outlined above. To deviate from this without agreement from your opponent would be cheating.
    To give you a better understanding of this topic please look at: Can I seek help during play?
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