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Dragon etiquette
  • How do I file a complaint?
    If you consider that someone is not acting within DGS policy, or if you have any other query concerning DGS, please contact one of the Contributors to Dragon. They will be happy to help. There is some explanation of this page on topic Who are the people behind Dragon?
    Not all DGS contributors are frequently active on the site. The Forum Moderators tend to be here more often, so even if your query is not about the Forum, this may be a good place to start. Do not worry if you are not quite sure who to contact, your query will be passed to the correct person.
    Ideally, complaints should be kept to a minimum and it is best if players resolve issues between them.
    If issues are not resolved, public accusations in the Forum may lead to worsening the situation rather than a resolution, so please follow the above procedures.
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