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Dragon user preferences
  • What is a user's hero %?
    Players tend to learn by playing those who are stronger. In addition, by playing such players they have the opportunity to increase their ratings (in rated games). Conversely, stronger players are unlikely to learn from such games and they have the possibility of dropping their ratings (in rated games).
    In view of the above, DGS recognizes those stronger players who help the community by playing those who are weaker. This recognition is known as 'Hero %' and is shown in the User info and user lists after 20 games have been finished.
    The metric is calculated by dividing the number of games played against weaker players by the number of finished games.
    A game against weaker players must match the following criteria to count for your Hero %:
    • you must have a DGS rating at the start of the game
    • at the start of the game your opponent must be weaker by at least 1kyu (>=100 Elo points) or your opponent has no rating.

    Games may be rated or unrated.
    Multi-player games are excluded.
    If the hero-percentage is over 62% the user is also awarded with a golden badge ((img)), over 50% with a silver badge ((img)) and over 38% with a bronze badge ((img)). If a user has such a badge, the percentage is shown as well.
    It is possible to filter the Waiting room list using Hero %. In the Waiting room the hero-badge is shown in the Userid column.
    Alongside the Hero % in the User info is the number of games against weaker players needed to get to the the next level: gold (img), silver (img) bronze (img). Hovering the cursor over the number will reveal a brief explanation. Keep in kind that this number is given 'other things being equal'. That is, if you have 10 games to go to the next level and you next play five stronger players the number is likely to change. It is a snapshot of the position at the time of looking.
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