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Dragon user preferences
  • What are all the items in the user profile page?
    Here is a brief explanation of the profile settings on the user profile page, that can be changed by the user.
    There are the Personal settings to be shown on the user-info page and to influence some behavior of game-ending and bulletins:

    The next section is about preferences for site Appearance:
    • Table max rows: Sets the default number of rows for all table listings (users, game listings, etc). The default can be overridden on the respective pages by storing a search profile.
    • Enable JavaScript: The site provide some convenience functions if JavaScript is enabled: marking rows in table listings, showing game-thumbnails on the (img) and (img) icons, auto-selection for bookmarks or viewing a move on the game-page
    • Menu direction: The main-menu can be positioned on the left (vertically) or on the top (horizontally).
    • ID button: The button-graphics used for some identifier-columns in the table-listings of some pages. You can also choose "No button".

    The next section configures Board graphics:
    • Stone size: The size of the stones on a game-board.
    • Wood color: The color or textures of the game-board.
    • Smooth board edge: Controls if the game-board has smooth edges.
    • Move numbering: This includes a whole group of settings to number game-moves.

    The last section contains settings for the Private game notes:
    • Position: The position of the game-notes input-box on the game-page relative to the game-board (right or left of it). Enabling the Hidden flag defines the default state of the game notes for all games.
    • Size: The text width and height of the game-notes input-box.
    • The position and size can be configured differently for games of different board-size. The difference between Large and Small boards can be selected right to the "Large boards from" text.

    The settings of the last three sections (Appearance, Board graphics, Private game notes) can be saved only for your current browser (using a browser-cookie). To do this enable the checkbox right above the "Change profile" submit-button.
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