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Dragon user preferences
  • Can the last N game moves be marked or numbered somehow?
    In your user profile page you can use the Move numbering option to accomplish that goal.
    Some notes around this feature:
    • It can make it easier for you to visualize how the game developed recently and to see what your strategy might have been. This goal can also be achieved using private game notes.
    • It could help to avoid silly mistakes during ko fights.
    • Numbers might make the display too confusing, so it's possible to deactivate this feature.
    • Numbers for moves on DGS always start with "1". The placing of handicap stones is also numbered.

    With an activated option, the last "N" moves are marked with their corresponding move number. However, the last move is always marked with a circle, with or without using the option.
    You can deactivate the option in your user profile by specifying "0" moves in the input element to the right of the option.
    To activate choose the number of last moves "N" you want to see with a move number. Additionally, you can activate the checkbox "Don't use numbers above 100": then move numbers greater than 100 are truncated to the two rightmost digits (move number modulo 100).
    The checkbox "Show numbers only on Hover" controls if the move numbering is replaced with a hover text giving the move number when you move the mouse cursor over a stone. This hovering option is most useful for users with really small screens (e.g. handheld devices like Palm, etc.) for which stone sizes of 5 or 7 have been chosen: at this size, the numbers on the stones are very hard to read, and more, they make all the stones gray :(
    The checkbox "Relative numbering" controls if the shown move-numbers always start with "1".
    The checkbox "Reverse numbering" controls if the move-numbers are shown in reverse order.
    Examples for move-numbering options with "N = 3" for move numbering. Assume you have a game with 51 moves played so far and you view the black move #40 of that game, then the numbers on the stones are ...
    • with Relative OFF, Reverse OFF => 37, 38, 39, (img) (move #40) - this is a good choice if you want to print the game and use move-numbering
    • with Relative OFF, Reverse ON => 14, 13, 12, (img) (move #40)
    • with Relative ON, Reverse OFF => 1, 2, 3, (img) (move #40) - this seems to be the most intuitive choice
    • with Relative ON, Reverse ON => 3, 2, 1, (img) (move #40)

    The checkbox "Mark Last Move Capture" if enabled additionally marks the empty board points with a cross-icon ((img)) if the last move captured some stones. The coordinates of the captured stones of the last move are also shown to the left of the board in a table with title "Last Move Capture".
    This option may be of help to remind you of an ongoing ko-fight, but still it is probably easier and more reliable to use the private game notes to make yourself aware of an ongoing ko (because a ko can be non-immediate not necessarily happening just on the last move).
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