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Dragon user preferences
  • What are the items on the User info page?
    Here is a brief explanation of the items in the table on top of the user info page. Some of these items are managed by Dragon, some can be changed on your user profile page.
    • Name: User's real name, or similar. Free text, that can be changed at any time.
    • Userid: Whatever Login-ID the user created. Not editable.
    • Country: Country, the user chosen to live in. That information can also be shown to other players on the users page and on the waiting room page.
    • Open for matches: A free text field a user can use to tell if available for playing.
    • Activity: A users activity
    • Rating: The current rating of the user linked to the rating graph. Managed by Dragon.
    • Rank info: A free text field, where a user can give more info about his rank, e.g. 2d AGA or 4d EGF.
    • Registration date: Date when the user has created the account.
    • Last access: Date of the users last access viewing a page or making a move.
    • Last quick access: Date of the users last access using the quick-suite most likely from a mobile device.
    • Last move: Date when the user made the last move in one of the games
    • Vacation days left: How many days the user has left for going on vacation.
    • On vacation: This field is only showed, when the user is on vacation and is showing how long his vacation will last.
    • Time zone: Time zone of the user
    • User local time: The time local to the user
    • Night time: user-setting for night or sleeping time
    • Running games: Number of running games
    • Finished games: Number of finished games (rated and unrated). A special link is added opening the finished games that ended in timeouts.
    • Rated games: Number of finished rated games (= Won games + Lost games + Jigo)
    • Won games: Number of won rated games
    • Lost games: Number of lost rated games
    • Percent: Percentage of "Won games" / "Rated games" giving winning-percentage on rated games. Also taking Jigo into account.
    • MP-games: Number of own multi-player-games in setup-mode and playing-mode. The field name is linked to a list of your running MP-games.
    • Reject win by timeout: User-profile setting, see: Can I reject a win of a game?

    The fields showing numbers of games have links to the corresponding games list. Click on the field name.
    Below the info table, the user can show an optional user-picture and biographical entries with information about himself or herself or other information that he or she wants to share.
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