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Dragon user preferences
  • What are Email notifications?
    The Email notification process starts when an event (a message, a move or both) of the type you have selected in your profile settings occurs.
    If you have not visited the site before 30 minutes elapses, an email is sent to the address entered in your profile's Email field.
    Only one email will be sent to notify you that messages or moves are waiting for you since your last visit. Events occurring after this email is sent but before re-visiting the site, will not trigger another email.
    Note: If you use a program (e.g. robot) to scan some types of DGS pages, you may not receive the notifications you expect, because DGS will interpret each page call by the program as a visit to the site.
    The pages that influence your "visit" status are those that adjust your "Last access" time (rule of thumb: typically, most of the pages where "Logged in as: userid" appears will affect the userid's account).
    Naturally, this also applies to humans.
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