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Dragon ranks and ratings
  • What if I have no idea what my initial DGS rating should be?
    If you are new to the game of Go choose the rank 30 kyu. As you finish each rated game, learn how to play, and get stronger, your rank will increase automatically.
    If you already have played a few games and get to know the Rules, you may freely choose any value from 29 kyu to 26 kyu. As a guide, you should choose:
    29 kyu: if you have played 5 or less games
    28 kyu: if you have won at least 2 games
    27 kyu: if you have played 6 to 10 games
    26 kyu: if you have won at least 3 even games (without handicap).
    If you have won 2 or more even games (without handicap) against players stronger than 26 kyu, use their rank. If you don't know their rank, use 25 kyu.
    If you have a rank from another server, club, or Go association (for example AGA, EGF, or others) you may start with this rank, or, if possible, convert it in our Rank Converter.
    If you think you are stronger than 25k but are not sure how much, play two games against two different players of the level you think you should be. When the games end, ask the players what your rank is. Use their answer as your initial DGS rating.
    Please do not use high ranks (stronger than 15 kyu or any dan level rank), unless you are sure of your level.
    DGS will adjust your rank as you play more games. Once initialized, your initial DGS rank cannot be changed any more, so please be careful with your choice.
    If you are still unsure what to choose, ask for help in the Support forum.
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