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Dragon ranks and ratings
  • Does it matter, if I start with a wrong initial rating?
    For many people it does not matter too much, but some players will say it matters a lot. Dragon will adjust the rating over time, based upon the results of your finished rated games.
    You can only set your initial DGS rating once. After you have set this it cannot be altered manually.
    If you intentionally start with a badly wrong initial rating you will annoy other users, and cause them have a wrong / undeserved / misleading drop or increase in their ratings. Remember you might want to play them again later ...
    Dragon tries to provide useful ratings, but this depends upon your cooperation. Please do not set the initial rating for your new Dragon account to a value far off from your real level. If you are unsure, there are ways to help. Please have a look at the rest of this section about ranks and ratings in the FAQ.
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