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Dragon games
  • How do I know that there are hidden or secret game comments?
    A game can have hidden and secret comments written by the players using the <hidden>hidden comment</hidden> <mysecret>secret comment</mysecret> tags (or the short-forms <h>hidden comment</h> and <m>secret comment</m>) in move messages. The hidden comments are visible by the author and to other users only after the game has finished. The secret comments are visible by the author and to the game opponents only after the game has finished but are never visible to all other users.
    Hidden and secret comments for a game are shown:
    • On the list with all finished games and my finished games there's a column "(Hidden comments)" in the table listing, that can be added. In the column the (img)-icon appears for games with hidden or secret comments. Hover with the mouse over the icon to see the tooltip telling what kind of comments are in the game.
      With the filter in the table-header it's also possible to search for games with hidden/secret comments.
    • On the game-page right to the Comments link the (img)-icon appears if there are hidden or secret game comments (for finished games only).
    • In the game end message that the system sends to all players and observers after a game has been finished, a hint is included, that the game contains hidden comments. A hint for secret comments is also included in the mails to the players, but is not sent to the observers.
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