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What's new in the last update?
  • Overview of release DGS 1.0.15 (08-June-2012)
    It's recommended to get an detailed overview of the new and changed features first by reading the document Release Notes 1.0.15. You'll find that page also in the Docs menu (now available from the main-menu). There are various hints in there that are not repeated here.
    For some major changes and recommendations you will find additional information and links in the FAQ-entries in the current FAQ-category ("What's new in the last update?").
    However, if you are experiencing a strange behaviour of DGS it might be a bug. Then don't hesitate to report the bug in the forum as other users might have the same problem and wonder about it.
    The topic "Known bugs" in this FAQ-category lists known bugs of this release that have been freshly identified and not yet been fixed and uploaded to the server.
  • Overview of release DGS 1.0.14 (14-December-2008)
    The release DGS 1.0.14 was an intermediate release to add some administrative functions.
    The most important change is the addition of the Dragon Go Server policy.
    A full list of implemented functions and bugfixes you can find in the document Release Notes 1.0.14.
    All changes from this release have been integrated in the FAQ by now.
  • Overview of release DGS 1.0.13 (07-October-2007)
    Find a detailed overview of the features by reading the document Release Notes 1.0.13.
    All changes from this release have been integrated in the FAQ by now.
  • CSS
    The DGS-site is now fully CSSed. Some format and styles of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are displayed differently for the various browsers. We tried to keep the former layout, though it might look slightly different.
    The CSS-files are also cached in your browser. After a release it may be neccessary to reload the CSS from the server and not from your browser cache. Try a SHIFT-Reload to accomplish that, or if that is not available, clear your cache.
    On older browsers and on some PDA-devices, the pages may look misaligned or not properly formatted. If that is the case, please report it in the Discussion Forum giving the browser or product you use to view DGS. That gives us hints to adjust the layout and also helps others that might have the same problem.
  • Code improvements and recommendations
    The code has been optimized (see also Release notes 1.0.15).
    As searching and table navigation has been extended, we don't know the dynamics yet this will have on the server load.
    Some database queries have been optimized and indexes have been added, but we urge you to be gentle to Dragon by not using too extensive searching. Concentrate on what you want to find and try to avoid massive activities looking around without a clear goal. Thank you!
  • Former updates
    If you are interested, there's also a summary of the previous releases, see Release Notes 1.0.14 and below there.
  • Known bugs
    Keeping a list of known bugs of this release (DGS 1.0.15) with a status (reported, in work, fixed in CVS, released on DGS):
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